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Toyota Rav4 Roof Rack Versatility

Toyota Rav4 roof racks offer drivers the ability to enjoy activities in life. Vehicle comfort, convenience and versatility are optimized with the addition of Toyota roof rack cross bars, which provide an additional 100 pounds of evenly distributed cargo capacity. The racks are aerodynamically styled, weather-resistant and provide stability for a variety of roof rail accessories. Pack, invite friends or family, put the luggage on the roof rack or load up some sports equipment and head out for a mini vacation. Watersports in the lake or ocean are accessible with the addition of genuine, Toyota roof racks. Your Toyota Rav4 is convenient for surfing, kayaking, canoeing or enjoying your standup paddleboard. A roof rack is a practical and safe way to transport your toys to the lake or ocean without risking damage. Watersport items can be extremely cumbersome to transport because of their size. At McGeorge Toyota Online online parts, we prioritize customer comfort and convenience. Give us a call before you head out to enjoy the Richmond or Arlington Virginia sunshine, and if you're heading out to visit Colonial Williamsburg, consider the benefits of adding a Toyota roof rack to your car, van or SUV. You can expect a speedy delivery. Order your roof rack HERE.

Benefits of a Roof Rack

You may be assuming that transporting a canoe or kayak requires you to attach and haul a trailer. But that's not true. We have roof racks that are specially designed to carry a 100 pounds of oversized items on your large, small or mid-sized vehicle's roof. Roof racks and crossbars are easy to assemble and can save you money. Skip the expense and hassle of renting, buying, registering, insuring and hauling a trailer. You can also avoid the additional issues that come with owning a trailer, including locating and securing space to park or store it when it's not in use, dealing with the electrical wiring for the turn signals and braking lights, the need for special trailer brakes and maintaining the tires and wheel bearings. Plus, many vehicles doesn't even have a trailer hitch. But, you have an open roof. Toyota designs the carriers that we sell for your particular vehicle. You can travel in peace knowing that you are using a genuine, Toyota product to transport and secure attached roof accessories and your belongings. Enter your Toyota's year and model along with roof racks. Scroll through the roof rack choices and the list of related accessories that appear. For example, you may choose from a variety of related mounting hardware that is essential attaching your carrier to the roof. Roof rails, roof cross bars and roof racks by Toyota will enable you to increase your cargo carrying capability with a seamless integration that enhances the style and appearance of your RAV4 or Toyota vehicle. You can safely bring secured items, such as water-sports equipment and camping material. Add versatility to your life and enjoy hobbies with the convenience offered with roof rack cross bars.

How Do I Carry a Canoe?

Canoeing is a relaxing and fun experience that allows you to communicate with nature and with family and friends. Add a boat to the top of your Rav4 Toyota and enjoy Virginia or the fresh water found in other beautiful states in the US. After you order and install you Toyota roof rack crossbars, you can add a canoe bracket accessory, which will primarily consist of four small brackets that are secured onto the existing roof rack crossbars. The canoe will be mounted upside-down, and the top edge of the boat will rest against these brackets. Straps will be used to secure the front and rear of the canoe. Accessories are available to help with the lifting and removing of the canoe and to prevent damage to the vehicle. You can enjoy so many new experiences when you add roof racks to your vehicle.

How Do I Carry a Kayak?

The kayak carrying kit is an accessory that can be attached to your Toyota rooftop cross bars. The accessory will consist of four rubber-coated, angled foot pads that cradle the base of a kayak and allow the top to face upward. The angle of each foot pad is adjustable so they can be mounted in different positions to secure the kayak. Most kayak roof rack accessories are designed to carry the kayak facing up, which is not always space-efficient and takes up the majority of the roof surface area. If you desire to carry multiple kayaks or additional gear on the roof rack, you may want an accessory that will hold your kayaks at an angle or that positions them on their side. The design and layout of most accessories allow for easy loading and unloading of the kayaks.

How Do I Mount a Surfboard or Stand-up Paddleboard?

The SUP or stand-up paddleboard is shaped similarly to a surfboard. The paddleboard and surfboard accessory is attached to your Toyota roof rack carrier. Most accessories allow the top surface of the board to face down. Some accessories will allow you to stack two boards on top of each other. McGeorge Toyota Online Parts focuses on providing an exceptional online shopping experience that is matched with award-winning customer service. Our Parts Center offers a wide variety of Toyota and Scion OEM parts through our online store at McGeorge Toyota Online Parts.

Genuine Toyota Parts at Wholesale Prices

If you would like additional help placing your order or would like to ensure that you order the correct roof rack, you can call us directly at 1-800-888-9753 to speak with one of our part specialists. We recommend that you enter your vehicle's VIN in the search window for easy and quick search results . We are located in Central Virginia and offer a complete line of factory made, OEM Toyota and Scion parts. Please join our mailing list. You will receive our newsletter along with access to our special sales and monthly giveaways.