Why use Genuine Toyota Oil Filters

Why use Genuine Oil Filters

 Genuine Toyota Oil Filters are designed and engineered specifically for Toyota vehicles. In many cases, non-genuine manufacturers

design one oil filter for use on a variety of makes and models. The result can be a poor fit and compromised performance.

In addition to proper fit, there are some specific features that set Genuine Toyota Oil Filters apart from the competition.

• Pressure Release Valve: Opens only when the filter is clogged, allowing oil to flow to the engine. The valve on

some non-genuine oil filters opens at lower pressures, allowing unfiltered oil to flow to the engine unnecessarily

even when the filter isn’t clogged.

• Filter Element: Meets all Toyota specifications for oil flow. By comparison, a lesser quality element may clog

over time, which could lead to engine seizure or other potential problems. Some non-genuine oil filters do not

meet Toyota’s stringent specs for this.

• Anti-Drainback Valve: Prevents oil from draining out of the engine and into the oil pan. This helps protect the

engine from damage.